January 29, 2014

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New High Speed Bottling Line for Green Earth Technologies

Green Earth Technologies it has added a high speed bottling line at its Guymon, Oklahoma facility. The Guymon facility consists of 52,000 square feet and has an initial production and bottling capacity of 5 million bottles per month.

Jeff Marshall, CEO of Green Earth Technologies, said, “We decided to place our high speed bottling line in Guymon due to the rising freight costs that are being driven by diesel prices, and the fact that Guymon is centrally located, so we can bottle our G-OIL where it is made and meet the growing demand for G-OIL products from both coasts most efficiently. Another benefit is the proximity to the processing of more than 50,000 heads of cattle within a 50 mile radius of the Guymon facility. Importantly, this gives GET a continuous stream of beef tallow, which is a key ingredient in G-OIL.”

Marshall noted that last week the Company tested and successfully ran 32 oz. bottles of G-OIL 4-Cycle Outdoor Engine Oil on the high technology line.

The addition of bottling capacity at Guymon follows on the heels of the opening in February of GET’s 60,000 sq. foot Detroit-based subsidiary that also manufactures warehouses and distributes the Company’s “G”-branded automotive appearance and performance products. Green Earth Technologies will continue to produce its environmentally friendly appearance chemical products and warehouse and distribute both performance and appearance products in the Detroit facility. 

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