January 29, 2014

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New nanotechnology pain reliever introduced in aluminum bottles

151582-my_omega_v2.jpgA new product from Concept Laboratories, Inc. is said to be the first topical pain reliever to use nanotechnology to produce timed-release pain relief. Packaged in high-visibility metal containers, the new pain reliever is poised to grab a healthy share of attention on retail shelves.

Following 15 years of research and development of topical pain relief products, Concept Laboratories discovered that the use of nanotechnology greatly enhances the effects of topical pain relievers. The MyOmega pain relief line is said to be the first of its kind, using a sustained delivery system to target localized pain with FDA-approved ingredients like Menthol, Camphor and Capsaicin.

Each nanosphere within the IcePearls system has a designated release time. Some nanospheres are activated right away, releasing the cooling complex as soon as MyOmega is applied. Other nanospheres are encapsulated within microspheres, which have barriers of varying thicknesses. When the barriers dissolve, the cooling complex is released. As a result, the cooling sensation is felt anywhere from 20 minutes to six hours following application, says the company.

Source: Concept Laboratories, Inc.

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