No pain with 'EZ-Open' bottles

January 29, 2014

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No pain with 'EZ-Open' bottles

With its uniquely designed bottle, easy-grip cap and no-carton packaging, the Tylenol® Arthritis Pain EZ-Open package is designed just for people with arthritis. Responding to consumer feedback, McNeil Consumer Healthcare in Canada developed the EZ-Open cap, a non-child-resistant closure specifically targeted to customers with arthritis. The bottles of Tylenol Arthritis Pain (acetaminophen) extended-relief caplets feature an outsized, 40-mm cap with large serrations for gripping. The cap incorporates a tamper-evident and oxygen-resistant foil membrane that is induction-sealed to the land finish of the high density polyethylene bottle. A clear, plastic, tamper-evident band is applied over the top edge of the cap and extends down over a bottle flange against which the cap tightens. A non-overlapping, wraparound label can be peeled back to read directions and additional drug facts printed on the underside of the label.

The bottle with the EZ-Open cap is available only in a 100-count size and costs about $8.70. The EZ-Open caps can also be found on the larger sizes of Regular and Extra Strength Tylenol acetaminophen caplets and EZ Tabs and Motrin IB ibuprofen.

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