Nutrient-rich snacks relaunch in vibrant packaging

By Rick Lingle in Packaging Design on October 11, 2017

Nourish Snacks founded by registered dietician and NBC Today Show's health and nutrition expert Joy Bauer rebrands with a bold packaging design that cues fun and taste appeal.


While imitation is considered the sincerest form of flattery, Nourish Snacks founder Joy Bauer wanted her products to be anything but “me, too.”

“When you walk through the grocery store the snack aisle is filled with hundreds of options that tend to look the same,” says Bauer, who is a monthly columnist for Woman's Day magazine and a New York Times best-selling author. “At Nourish, we have a different story to tell. That’s why I started Nourish Snacks…to give us the best of both worlds—snacks made with nutrient-rich ingredients that taste unbelievable.”

Launched in 2014, Bauer felt Nourish had a better story to tell through an updated, upbeat packaging redesign introduced this summer to bolster a bold rebranding effort to up the fun factor for the good-for-you bite-size granola snacks. Libby Inchalik, Nourish Snacks’ brand manager, responds to Packaging Digest’s questions.


What prompted the redesign?

Inchalik: The package redesign came in tandem with our brand renovation project that kicked off last summer. A snacking category audit, along with consumer ethnographies, in-store shopalongs, and in-home interviews, told us that people are actively seeking healthier food options, but hate having to sacrifice taste in doing so. We knew we could fill this unmet need, and this drove the inspiration for the packaging redesign: the visual expression that food made with quality, nutrient-rich ingredients can taste super delicious, too.


What do you expect the redesign to achieve that the old didn’t?

Inchalik: Our new look boldly stands out in the Better-For-You snack aisle and proclaims that Nourish Snacks has a story to tell that’s different from the rest. So many snacks focus on trends and “flavor of the week” food certifications, but our story is focused on the ingredients we use and their benefit to your body.

Additionally, Nourish Snacks founder Joy Bauer casts a wide circle of influence. We know that a strong voice travels far, so a goal for our new look was to bring both Joy’s aura and the brand’s personality to life, where our previous, conventional packaging was lacking.

Deliciousness is conveyed through sight as much as through taste, so our design uses vibrant colors inspired by the purposeful ingredients we use in each snack. The bold patterns are drawn from fashion, venues of entertainment, and food itself, and cue fun and taste appeal. We’ve been told that our packaging is as delicious as the snacks themselves.


Who’s your target consumer?

Inchalik: Our target consumer is anyone who is looking to eat better and healthier, but refuses to be too restrictive or set harsh diet rules. Nourish Snacks is for everyone who wants a snack that tastes really good, and is good for you, too.


New and old packaging stacked for comparison shows the dramatic difference of the rebranding.


What was changed in the redesign?

Inchalik: Nourish Snacks believes that snacks should be both super delicious and good for you, something we like to call a nourishing indulgence. This is the essence of the Nourish Snacks brand which is conveyed through our arresting package design.

Beyond the most obvious change of utilizing bold, vibrant colors and patterns on the Front of Pack, we also redesigned our logo (see below). Joy Bauer developed all of our snacks, so our new circular logo is reminiscent of a seal of approval.

We also took a fresh, new approach to Front-of-Pack product photography. The age of air-brushed magazine covers has consumers calling the bluff on unrealistic food photography. While we do show a granola bite on the front, we allow the colors and patterns to really tell the story of taste appeal and crave-ability. The back of pack tells our nutrition story. The contrast in the Front and Back-of-Pack designs helps convey both our indulgent and nourishing values—true nourishing indulgence.


What was the biggest challenge?

Inchalik: We were determined to make our design as impactful in print as it was in concept. It was a team effort between the Nourish team, Brian Collins and Tom Wilder and their team at Collins, and CL&D Graphics, our printer, to ultimately bring it to life.


Was the size or structure of the packaging changed?

Inchalik: Both the size and structure of the packaging were changed. We now offer 1oz & 4-oz gusseted bags, and the larger bag is resealable.


What have you learned during this process?

Inchalik: We developed a new technology with our partners at CL&D Graphics that preserves the visual arrest that our package graphics intend. Our bags are printed on a flexographic press and unless you have a sophisticated forming machine, this type of press imposes limitations on how close to the edges of the package artwork can be printed. Oftentimes you’ll see clear or white channels on a package as a result, i.e., unprinted portions of film. To eliminate these channels, we created a unique touch-plate that fills this void, allowing us to bring color right up to the edge of our package, producing a virtually seamless canvas.


Nourish Snacks are available in two sizes, 4-oz multi-serve zipper-top pouches at and 1-oz single-serve packs, that retail for a suggested price of $3.99-$4.49 and $1.49, respectively. Flavors are chocolate banana, coconut vanilla, blueberry apple and two new flavors, chocolate peanut butter and double chocolate. The products are sold at retailers nationwide and on Amazon.



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it's really hard to read—text and imagery. bring back the previous design. at least i can decipher what the product is.