One of the Best Sales Tips You’ll Ever Get

Bill Farquharson

January 29, 2014

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One of the Best Sales Tips You’ll Ever Get

My older brother Andy is a Sales God. He is truly amazing, always has been. What’s more, he is an even better manager. How many people can you say THAT about? The company I once worked for had a policy for dealing with cruddy sales people: They put them in management positions so that they could screw up more people’s lives. Andy is the exception to the rule, a good rep that made a good manager.

Anywho, he gave me a piece of advice 25 years ago that has become the best sales tip I have ever received. Since it is the end of the day, a very long but productive day, and I haven’t logged anything in my Blog yet today (and I badly want to check off that box on my Palm Pilot), I will deliver it to you before diving into the lasagna I made this morning.  Ready, here it is:

“The best time to call someone on the phone and get them in the office is just before the top of the hour.”

Think about it: All appointments start on the hour. Just before the top of the hour, most people are in their office getting ready for the meeting. Call someone at 8:50 or 9:45 and you are likely to get him or her on the phone.

Similarly, if you ever want to call someone and NOT get them on the phone (in case you want to deliver bad news, for example), call just after the top of the hour. They are in a meeting and you can go to voice mail.

Is that wicked smart or what? 

Blog today? Check!


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