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Open Sez Me, Microsoft!

It’s not just about looking cool. You have to be able to actually open the dang thing! Those of us who follow packaging know that. But apparently that’s kind of new territory this time for Microsoft.

The folks in Redmond are making a big deal over the fact that – low and behold – the next version of Window won’t require major histrionics to access the product within as the last one reportedly did.

Okay – yeah yeah yeah, I’m being kinda’ mean. But sometimes a little common sense would go a long way. How do packaging designers and engineers NOT notice that something is brutally difficult to open?

Maybe they just end up opening so many of the packages during the development process that they just get good at it – practice makes perfect and all that. Perhaps they just forget that first, sweat-producing, curse-inducing, hand-shredding moment they tried to bust into the inner confines of their latest creation.

I dunno. I’m just a writer/editor/artist/lover. Maybe some of you engineering types can shed some light on this phenomenon for me?


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