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Organic pierogi launch in pouch packaging

Article-Organic pierogi launch in pouch packaging

Organic pierogi launch in pouch packaging
Polska Foods organic pierogi pouches

Polska Foods organic pierogi pouchesPolska Foods Pierogi, a leading provider of authentic Polish pierogi made with organic ingredients, announced today its new product labels that can now be seen on the shelves of Whole Foods stores and select grocery stores in the West Coast region. The new labels now show organic certification from Oregon Tilth, a variety of cooking methods for their pierogi, and added health information. The company's new labels were primarily designed to fill the growing demand for more consumer health information on packaged food products.


"Even though Prop 37 did not pass here in California, we know that consumers still want to know what they are eating and what is in their food," said Tomek Piszczek, founder and product designer at Polska Foods. "We took extra steps to make sure our products use organic ingredients, no preservatives, no GMOs, no trans fats, no MSG, and no artificial flavors or ingredients. Our new labels now accurately reflect the true health of our products, plus point out the grams of fiber and whole grains naturally found in each flavor of our pierogi. We feel this transparency will help consumers, especially parents who can comfortably purchase our products for their kids to enjoy."


Polska Foods currently sells four pierogi flavors using recipes from their grandmother's kitchen in Poland: Potato & Farmer's Cheese pierogi made with organic whole wheat or white dough, Mushroom & Cabbage vegan pierogi with sauerkraut and caraway seeds, and Spinach & Feta pierogi in an organic whole wheat dough. Each product required a year of research to find the local, organic farmers they could trust and then to test the recipe with each final ingredient. They currently sell in the frozen section of Whole Foods Markets and specialty grocery stores across the larger Bay Area.


Source: Polska Foods


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