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Origin, history labels help win back consumer trust

Article-Origin, history labels help win back consumer trust

Origin, history labels help win back consumer trust
Examples of labels that emphasize history and origins include (l to r) Budweiser's Brewmasters' Project Twelve, Organic Valley Low Fat Milk and Vincent Family juices.

Brands can establish and reassure consumers of quality and authenticity with labeling emphasizing history and origins. Products that can be traced back to the source re-establish credibility in a market with recalls and an oversaturation of competing products. Advertised provenance allows manufacturers to convey pride and authenticity in proprietary brands, in turn allowing consumers to connect with the brand’s heritage. Nostalgic packaging also can be leveraged to instill similar values and display a company’s longstanding history in an industry.

However, any information about the manufacturing region of a brand and product must be genuine so as not to soil consumer perceptions or relationship with brands or manufacturers. Additionally, while this is a start, more is needed to help consumers feel comfortable, particularly when purchasing new products, and to stand out among competitors.

One such example of origin and history font and center on the packaging comes from Budweiser. The company relaunched its Brewmasters' Project Twelve Second Edition ZIP Code Beers, its limited-edition beechwood bock, a deep amber lager brewed with chocolate and caramel malts; North Pacific style lager, a bold lager with a unique blend of North Pacific hops varieties; and vanilla bourbon cask, a lager aged on bourbon staves and vanilla beans. Each beer is named for the ZIP codes where the recipes were created.

Next up, Organic Valley Low Fat Milk has been repackaged and retails in a half gallon pack featuring Facebook and Twitter information. This premium 1% fat milk is ultra pasteurized, homogenized and produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones or toxic pesticides. It contains vitamins A and D, naturally occurring Omega-3, Omega-6, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and calcium. The kosher organic milk finds its origin from cows that graze on seasonally lush pastures on regional farms, which support local communities and sustainable practices that reduce fossil fuel use, enrich soils, protect watersheds and maintain the highest standards of humane animal care. Front packaging bears the signature of an Organic Valley farmer.

Lastly, Vincent Family Cranberries Cranberry, Lime, Coconut Water Juice is all natural, artisan crafted in small kettles using premium juice concentrates with no filler juices. The product retails in a 10-oz recyclable bottle.

— Dr. Benjamin Punchard, global packaging insights director, Mintel

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