Oversized canister expresses strength of new Brawny wet wipes

By Kate Bertrand Connolly in Packaging Design on January 21, 2015

In creating the packaging design for its new Brawny Giant Multi-Purpose Wet Cloths, which are 50% larger than standard cleaning wipes, Georgia-Pacific wanted a canister that would resonate with male and female consumers alike—and stand out from other wipes packaging on-shelf.

The result is a rigid container with a gently tapered shape, black lid and more generous proportions than competitors’ packages. Other well-known brands in the cleaning wipes category use cylindrical canisters with white or brightly colored lids.

Brawny’s tall package sports a full-body shrink label displaying home and auto applications for the product. Thus the “giant” cloths are positioned as a household product rather than an industrial item.

Kathy Jordan, senior manager, innovation, for Georgia-Pacific’s home cleaning solutions category, provides insights into the new package.


Why did you choose a shaped canister? Why not use the typical round canister?

Jordan: As a new brand in this category, we felt it was important to be differentiated from the competition and to stand out on-shelf. We considered our heritage, equity and brand character to create a structural package that reflected Brawny’s strength and toughness attributes.


Is this a proprietary package structure? If so, who designed it?

Jordan: Yes, it is a proprietary package. We engaged a cross-functional team that included R&D, design, package engineering, consumer research and marketing, along with external consultants that aided in the development of the design and package. Group 4 and Bulletproof were our external agency partners on this project.


Is this canister larger than other wipes canisters?

Jordan: Yes, this canister is larger, to signal that the wipe itself is larger than most competitive wipes. Our canister is about two inches taller and slightly larger in diameter.


Are there any issues with the larger container fitting on retail shelves?

Jordan: At most retailers, the height of the canister is not an issue in terms of shelving.


Are the packages and graphics designed to appeal to men?

Jordan: While not specifically designed to appeal to men, we also didn’t want to alienate them. Men are increasingly becoming more engaged in home cleaning activities, so we consider them part of our targeted consumer set.


Are these consumer wipes, or are they intended for industrial/commercial use?

Jordan: These are consumer wipes that are strong enough for tasks inside and outside the home.


Are Brawny Giant Multi-Purpose Wet Cloths the same as the Brawny Heavy Duty Wet Cloths that come packaged in a resealable foil pouch and a plastic bucket?

Jordan: Yes, the wipes are the same. As we’ve gained more consumer feedback on the versatility of the wipes, we’ve changed the description accordingly.


Why did you add another package format—the canister—for these large wipes?

Jordan: The bucket format is more appropriate for industrial use, so we wanted a format that would be more appealing to home use and storage.


What plastics are the new canister and lid made from?

Jordan: The canister is constructed with HDPE, and the lid is polypropylene. The container also contains 25% post-consumer regrind.


How is the canister decorated?

Jordan: The film is applied to the canister via a shrink-sleeving process. The shrink-sleeve labeling process gave us the ability to visually brand and wrap the graphics 360 degrees around the entire package. Without some of the limitations of conventional labels, shrink-sleeve labels allow for greater impact and creativity in presenting our brand’s identity at shelf.

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