Package redesign positions Tully’s Coffee as a craft cuppa

Kate Bertrand Connolly 1, Freelance Writer

September 14, 2017

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Package redesign positions Tully’s Coffee as a craft cuppa
Updated graphics give Keurig Green Mountain brand an artisanal look for "craft" coffee.

Single-serving coffee prepared with a pod coffee maker is quick, but it can also provide javaphiles with an artisanal experience. That’s the message in the new packaging design from Keurig Green Mountain Inc. for Tully’s Coffee pods and cartons.

Keurig has redesigned Tully’s logo and graphics on pod lids and multipack cartons to emphasize the brand’s craft roasting technique and the coffee’s rich flavor. The designs use bolder colors than the previous packaging and, adding to the artisanal feel, portions of the text on lids and cartons are printed in a typewriter-inspired font.

Dan Tifft, brand manager at Keurig, provides insight into the new food packaging design.

What was the inspiration for the new text box on Tully’s K-Cup cartons, which includes the name of the blend, region of origin and tasting notes?

Tifft: Our goal here at Keurig is to use this refreshed branding as an opportunity to hone in on the craftsmanship and character that has always defined Tully’s Coffee and our commitment to a “slow and low” roasting process. The “apothecary label” text box gives the packaging a classic feel while also providing more space to talk about the unique features of our finely crafted blends.

How do the package graphics convey a craft coffee image?

Tifft: This refreshed branding is an opportunity to showcase the craft approach that Tully’s Coffee takes toward the roasting process, producing the bold, flavorful coffee that customers have enjoyed for 25 years. We see this very clearly in the package graphics, using bold, warm colors to tell the artisanal story behind the Tully’s brand. Our old branding used a number of softer colors in both our packaging and logo, but for this new branding we have kept to a more streamlined color scheme that we feel is perfect for the story of Tully’s Coffee.


The previous package design wasn't as "bold."

Are there any special printing techniques used on the new packaging?

Tifft: The new Tully’s K-Cup pod packaging now includes five spot colors, plus satin coating, to generate the updated look and feel for the brand.

Did Tully’s work with a design firm on this packaging redesign?

Tifft: The new look and feel of the Tully’s packaging was created by the internal creative team at Keurig Green Mountain.

Were there any structural changes to the package design?

Tifft: Only package graphics have been redesigned, to better reflect Tully’s craft coffee heritage. All K-Cup pods and K-Cup pod cartons remain the same structurally.

How has consumer reaction been so far?

Tifft: Consumers’ first exposure to the new Tully’s packaging has been through the “slow and low” journey that is taking place now in an Airstream camper traveling up the West Coast. We have received a number of positive reactions in response to the upgraded artisan look and feel—and, of course, the great taste of the slow-roasted coffee.

For 25 years, Tully’s Coffee has valued and utilized the “slow and low” roast process that brings out the full flavor of the beans without any burnt or bitter taste, and it’s exciting to see our customers resonate with that through this tour. You can track our journey here:

What Tully’s flavors are available in K-Cup pods?

Tifft: Tully’s K-Cup pods will continue to be available in four coffee varieties: Tully’s Italian Roast, Tully’s Hawaiian Blend, Tully’s French Roast and Tully’s French Roast Decaf.

When will the redesigned packaging be available in stores?

Tifft: New packaging has recently begun rolling out on shelves. Tully’s estimates that it will take approximately eight to 10 months for all product to be fully replaced on shelves with the new packaging.

Are Tully’s products distributed nationwide?

Tifft: Tully’s Coffee will be available across a variety of major retailers nationwide, as well as, for purchase. Tully’s is available in Canada, and we are in the process of updating our packaging there, as well.

Will the graphics on your coffee bags also be redesigned?

Tifft: Tully’s branding will be refreshed across all Tully’s Coffee products, including K-Cup pods, as well as whole bean and ground bagged coffee.


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