Packages cooks are thankful for this holiday

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on November 27, 2019

With all its trimmings, it can take hours to prepare a traditional holiday meal. But today’s cooks know that certain product packages can lend a hand, making it possible for them to enjoy family, friends and fraternity instead of slaving in the kitchen all day.

What convenient or innovative packages made it into your pantry or refrigerator this year? Here are notable food and beverage packages that caught my eye at a local—and incredibly busy!—Trader Joe’s in the Chicago area. From the meal’s main protein to sides, deserts and drinks, here’s a cornucopia of glass, flexible, paper, metal and plastic packages delivering delight to grateful chefs.


Turkey: This frozen turkey packaging uses the same shrink-wrapped bag as most other brands. But the clean graphics and simple color scheme focuses the eye on “Organic,” for consumers who care about that, which is pretty much anyone shopping at Trader Joe’s, right?

For the ultimate in main-course convenience, though, Trader Joe’s packs up a frozen meal kit of turkey tenderloin wrapped with stuffing in a tasty puff pastry. The tenderloin is shrink wrapped in clear film inside the carton, along with cranberry sauce and gravy packets (also in clear, unprinted pouches). High-impact photography on the glossy carton shows the appetizing final cooked presentation.



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I guess we know where Lisa shopped for Thanksgiving this year :-)
Ha ha. Busted. Hope you're doing well, David!