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By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on November 27, 2019


Veggies: For these frozen Brussel sprouts—a healthy side dish that has gain popularity in recent years—the typical center-fin sealed layflat bag features crisply printed graphics that do the bare minimum for product ID on the front and info/instructions on the back. This lets the consumer see as much of the vegetables inside the bag before the buy.


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Not into mini cabbage heads? Ingredients for a classic green-bean casserole—green beans, mushroom soup and Fried Onion pieces—are easy to assemble with easy-open packs like these:

The convenience of this stiff 2-lb. bag of French Style Green Beans is that they have been washed and are ready to cook—a large window on the front panel makes it easy to see that. The seam of this familiar center-seam layflat bag also pulls apart easily with a tug.

Cooks can easily open this mushroom soup in a Tetra Pak shelf-stable Recart aseptic pack because of its perforated top that, like the gravy carton you saw earlier, allows easy dispensing without a tool.

Paperboard canisters with easy-peel lidding hold pieces of Fried Onions. Color photography on the glue-applied paper label illustrates the main use of the product this time of year.



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I guess we know where Lisa shopped for Thanksgiving this year :-)
Ha ha. Busted. Hope you're doing well, David!