Packages cooks are thankful for this holiday: Page 7 of 8

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on November 27, 2019

Drinks: This glass bottle of Egg Nog has clarity, purity and heft. High-end labels add to the product’s upscale image: “Egg Nog” is embossed on the front label and “Trader Joe’s” is also embossed in dazzling red metallic ink or foil (it really looks like foil but the type is pretty small on neck label and front label, so it’s hard to tell).

Is Thanksgiving too early for egg nog? That’s debatable, in my opinion. But a good old-fashioned Ginger Brew will go down smooth too. The swing-top closure atop the glass bottle harkens back to Grandma’s dining table.



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I guess we know where Lisa shopped for Thanksgiving this year :-)
Ha ha. Busted. Hope you're doing well, David!