Packaging blends premium look, sustainability

March 11, 2015

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Packaging blends premium look, sustainability
Cosfibel Ultralight box



Cosfibel Ultralight box

Ultralight attracts brands looking to give their packaging a premium edge while protecting the environment. In 2012, the creation committee bolstered its offer and launched two new versions of Ultralight. From the client perspective, Jack Daniels' choice confirmed the range's commercial success.


Reasons behind the success
Cosfibel developed a solution that combines luxury and eco-packaging-Ultralight is a board gift box that is surprisingly lightweight, yet still thick.


Its numerous strong points include being lightweight, having perfect design, thick edges and providing protection for its contents. Mono material, Ultralight can also be easily recycled. The gift box is attractive becaue it is so lightweight, but also due to the honeycomb board's high quality, smart design and pure lines.


These qualities were recognized when Ultralight brought home the Pack &Green 2011 award. The packaging solution has also already been chosen by Moët & Chandon, Johnnie Walker and Swiss skincare brand Valmont.


Clients: Jack Daniels' Limited Edition
Jack Daniels chose Ultralight for its holiday 2012 gift box. This version is made up of two distinct elements-belt and sheath-which creates a dramatic opening to unveil the limited-edition bottle inside.


The rich decoration plays on contrasts: matte black paper illuminated by shiny red details, selective varnish, embossing and hot stamping. The gift box is a perfect blend of modernity, tradition and luxury codes.


Cosfibel's Creation Committee. Discover the latest versions of 100% Ultralight at Luxe Pack Monaco: Tubo light, a cylindrical version of the original design, which is ideal for a bottle. Both packaging and wedge, it provides protection and has the added benefit of being insulated to keep its contents cool. The PU, paper or textile sheath can be adapted to both the mass or luxury-goods market.


Cosfibel's range also includes Cocktail Cube, a cubic gift box (around 320x320), that is a veritable bar on-the-go. Its base houses a bottle of vodka in a transparent wedge (that can double as an ice bucket), on which four small cubes are magnetically attached. The contents can be customized-either an MP3 base with mini amplifiers, a mini shaker with ice, glasses and ice tongs or a mini recipe book to mix cocktails.


The packaging is held together with a belt featuring a handle.


Cosfibel en bref
The group is specialized in promotional and gift packaging with its Cosfibel Premium arm and in secondary packaging with Cosfilux. It aims to bring added value through innovation, provide solutions to brands and retailers looking to create more premium packaging and to propose a complete offer, gift boxes and accessories in full service.


Cosfibel has always worked with the cosmetics market and for the past few years has developed its market share in the wine and spirits sector.


Source: Cosfibel

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