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Packaging design: Arta Tequila launches in stylish bottles

Article-Packaging design: Arta Tequila launches in stylish bottles

Packaging design: Arta Tequila launches in stylish bottles
Arta Tequila

Arta TequilaArtá announced the Bay Area launch of its new line of small batch ultra premium tequila. Handcrafted and bottled in the heart of Mexico's traditional tequila-growing region, Artá tequila comes from 100% single-estate agave, grown by an 11th generation rancher and flawlessly crafted by a third-generation master distiller using only traditional methods. Beyond this commitment to quality, Artá is built on a strong foundation of awareness of, and respect for, the world and those sharing it.

Bay Area local David Fox founded Artá with the goal of growing, aging and bottling the finest tequilas in the world and the philosophy that a company can do well, while doing good. The result is a "green" conscious approach to business and a commitment to giving back to the land and people that make Artá possible.

The award-winning packaging for the Artá brand reflects the company's values and respect for its surroundings. The glass bottles are manufactured using recycled glass with a refurbished metal bottle top and a sustainably harvested cork from Portugal. Artá is in the process of securing its organic certification.

From harvesting to distillation to bottling, Artá is committed to sustainable and earth friendly practices. In fact, after the tequila has been enjoyed, the bottle is completely recyclable. Artá will also donate 1% of profits toward making life better for the environment and the communities it works in and serves. This approach, and resulting actions honor the founders' personal ties to Mexico and its people.

"We're proud to bring this unique line of tequila to the Bay Area. Artá shares the best character traits with those who enjoy it most -- active, authentic and aware of the world around us," said David Fox, Founder and CEO. "We think this philosophy coupled with its outstanding quality will have people sipping Artá and enjoying the art of tequila and the art of life."

Artá's home, Cerritos Beach, provides much of its inspiration. With one of the best surf breaks in Mexico, Cerritos is a favorite spot for dedicated surfers. Artá's triple-distilled Silver honors the "Art of the Surf" with its graphic label and active taste. The inspiration carried through to the bottle design, which includes a wetsuit-inspired rubber sleeve around its neck to allow a better grip whether behind bar or on beach. The vibrant art community of Todos Santos is down the road from Cerritos and inspired Artá's Reposado -- "The Art of the Fiesta" -- which celebrates the fun of Cerritos Beach and the liquid's spirited taste. Artá's Anejo or "Art of the Agave" pays homage to the agave plant, the source of its ultra smooth taste. Artá is inspired by the "Art of Life" that can be found at Cerritos.

By controlling all of the elements throughout the growing, aging and bottling processes, Artá delivers tequila of consistently superior quality. To ensure the highest quality and brand consistency, the company's own agave plants create the elegant and distinctive style of Artá tequilas. The Artá line of ultra premium tequila is triple-distilled and aged up to two years.

Artá's commitment to quality was recently recognized at the San Francisco World Spirits competition, the biggest and most respected spirits competition in the world. Artá Reposado won a Silver Medal and Artá Anejo won a Silver Medal for excellence in tequila. The full line of bottles was awarded a Bronze Medal for excellence in bottle design.


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