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Packaging Design: Leyland Lifestyle Paints

Article-Packaging Design: Leyland Lifestyle Paints

The relaunched range of Leyland Lifestyle paints from PPG Architectural Coatings EMEA is using plastic pails with in-mould labeled (IML) decoration from RPC Containers Oakham in order to position the brand as the ideal choice for the contemporary consumer.

The Leyland Lifestyle range – which is sold exclusively through UK independent stockists – consists of eight paint types in a variety of colors. PPG felt that the existing tin packaging needed updating to better reflect the new ‘lifestyle’ branding, and has relaunched two of the ranges: Matt & Silk, comprising 24 shades, and Kitchen and Bathroom, with 8 colors.

Plastic was felt to be a softer and more contemporary material that was in line with the desired effect, and the company turned to RPC Oakham to provide suitable 2.5 and 5 L containers. At the same time, RPC Oakham’s expertise in IML has enabled the high-quality reproduction of new all-over labels featuring typical lifestyle images around the home – another key aspect of the relaunch.

“The overall effect of the plastic containers and IML decoration from RPC Oakham provides an appropriate contemporary feel to help position the Leyland Lifestyle range as the ideal choice around the home,” confirms Cat Casey, Brand Manager at PPG. “In addition, the durability and convenience of the containers ensure a comfortable painting experience for consumers.”

Source: PPG Architectural Coatings

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