Packaging design, sustainability successes dominate in August 2019: Page 6 of 7

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on September 12, 2019


2. 7 best packaging practices for cannabis marketers

Cannabis, CBD, THC, weed or whatever else it’s called…this burgeoning product category is all over the place when it comes to skilled (or not!) packaging designers. What do newbies desperately need to know to create a marketing success?

Tom Newmaster, FORCEpkg. founder with more than 25 years of experience in branding and package design for consumer packaged goods, outlines his packaging tips for cannabis brands:

• Understand the “Natural Habitat” and aim for mind-blowing shelf impact
• Shape, color, text—repeat after me…shape, color, text
• Make the connection—embracing technology and social media
• It’s easier being green—messaging and responsibility
• Understand the consumer—know the generational cues
• Authenticity and brand voice—be yourself
• Don’t think of cannabis as an exotic category—consumer behavior is still in play


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