Packaging Design Winners and Losers Leap Out in February 2020

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on March 10, 2020

What makes a good or bad packaging design? Today’s winners might reflect the retro-futurism trend or tap into the current interest in reusable packaging. The losers might ignore the ever-important easy-open function or forget product-safety features.

Last month, Packaging Digest’s global audience was most interested in articles about packaging design and new design trends. You, too, can learn from these victors and victims.

Based on page views, here are the top five best-read articles on in February 2020:



5. Valentine’s Day Packaging We Love

February may be the shortest month of the year — even in a Leap Year like 2020 — but it’s one of the longest when you’re waiting for winter to end. As we got closer to one of the month’s happier holidays, we decided to celebrate and share the love with a gallery of 16 packages designed to pull at the heart strings — even for Darth Vader fans (wha?!).

Which one is your favorite??? Are hearts an overdone visual or an absolute necessity?


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