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Packaging tells Dolphin’s story in bright white and hot pink bottles

Packaging tells Dolphin’s story in bright white and hot pink bottles

When organic foodies Nigel and Ayo Hart became frustrated in their search for natural and organic hair and skincare products for their twin baby girls they decided to develop their own brand. The entrepreneurial couple approached The Biondo Group, Stamford, CT, to create the visual story of Dolphin Organics (Pound Ridge, NY), a line of organic shampoo, bodywash, conditioner, lotion and bubble bath for infants and toddlers, and the brand extension for tweens, DO Naturals.

“When we were asked to create the brand identity for Dolphin Organics, we recognized the importance of telling this new brand’s story if we were to persuade mothers who seek only the best for their babies and toddlers,” says Charles Biondo. “Because there is such confusion in the marketplace as to what ingredients are ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ and since Dolphin Organics contains nothing artificial, we decided to tell the story on the packaging itself.”

To convey the purity of Dolphin Organics products, Biondo dressed the line in bright white plastic bottles, each with a vibrant green top, as a reflection of the natural world. “We selected green because it is gender neutral and appeals to toddlers and moms,” says Charles Biondo. “This green looks very fresh, very organic, and fits perfectly with the brand image of Dolphin Organics.”

Next Biondo created a fun and friendly logo – two dolphins playfully positioned above a hand-lettered type treatment of “Dolphin Organics” that floats above a wavy water line. On each bottle, the letter “o” in Dolphin is color coded to match the product: purple for baby shampoo & bodywash, pink for bubble bath, yellow for baby lotion, green for hair conditioner. “We wanted each product to be stimulating, youthful and most importantly to convey ‘fun’,” adds Biondo.

Biondo used the package front to tell the Dolphin Organics story. A whimsical icon precedes each product benefit – a fish before “What’s best for your baby is found in nature,” followed by a starfish, a seahorse, and a crab – between statements.

The back panel of each Dolphin Organics bottle clearly spells out the product benefits in a chart with three easy-to-read ingredient categories – Organic, Natural and Artificial. The last column “Artificial” is empty. The back also carries the marks of organic certifications, spelling out exactly what this product means for the health conscious consumer.

DO Naturals: Bright bottles for bright girls

DO Naturals –conditioner, shampoo, bodywash, moisturizer and detangler– are designed for girls ages seven to 12 who are accustomed to organic, natural products.

“They’re bright. They read teen magazines. They look for their own products. They're very savvy and care about what they eat and wash with,” says Biondo.

To appeal to this discriminating consumer DO Naturals are dressed in hot pink bottles with contrasting white caps. The DO Naturals name runs up the side of the bottle; each product is differentiated with a color-coded ‘O’ containing the playful dolphins. A large, partial flower livens the overall imagery. “It's youthful and fun and appeals to girly girls and tomboys too,” added Biondo.

“We really enjoyed working with Dolphin Organics to create a fresh new brand in an important category,” Biondo stated. “Designing to appeal to both kids and moms always opens doors to creative approaches that respect the consumers’ intelligence while capturing their attention on-line or on-shelf.”

About Dolphin Organics, LLC

Dolphin Organics LLC is based in Pound Ridge, NY and is the marketer of Dolphin Organics, a line of personal care products for babies, young children and tweens, made only with natural and organic ingredients.

About The Biondo Group

Charles Biondo founded this strategic branding and package design firm in the 60’s and never looked back. Today, The Biondo Group specializes in developing iconic brands and package designs for companies such as: Unilever, Hain-Celestial, Ocean Spray, American Beverage, Ruiz Foods and more.

Source: The Biondo Group


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