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Welcome to the new! Yes, you are in the right place.

Packaging is such a vibrant industry and there is so much activity on a daily basis. You dare not miss something critical to your business and fall behind. How can you keep up?

Packaging Digest can help, of course, with relevant, compelling and, whenever possible, exclusive content. We deliver these insights a number of ways: in our magazine and eNewsletters, through webcasts and conferences—and online.

In this last respect, we’ve totally revamped our website to efficiently share the latest news, key analysis, expert opinions, emerging technologies, regulations and new products in a decidedly “targeted” approach—targeted for what matters to you.

Every piece of information on the site is tagged to a keyword. These keywords connect similar content, directing you to other articles within the same topic, market or product category (for example, Sustainable Packaging; Food Packaging; and Labels, respectively). You can immerse yourself in these flowing rivers of related content, as well as float from one river to another to see what’s happening in other areas, too.

Elegant in its simplicity, the new is organized into just two main sections: Content and Directory.

Content: We’ll continue to provide the same quality information, insight and intelligence you expect from the industry’s leading media brand: news, case studies, blogs, webcasts, industry events, packaging redesigns, regulatory updates, market and industry research, new technologies and products.

In addition, we invite you to interact with, and learn from, your peers by submitting comments at the bottom of an article page or by replying to remarks from others. Everyone benefits from this community dialogue.

The new site has also been optimized so you can enjoy the content on any device: desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Directory: Collaboration with the right packaging suppliers can mean the difference between success and failure for your packaging project. So we’ve designed our robust online Directory to be much more than just flat business cards. To help you vet potential supplier partners, mini-profiles for each company showcase their capabilities and strengths—and this information will be continually updated. For example, xpedx, a business-to-business distributor of packaging and design services in North America, recently posted a short and entertaining video profiling the Life of a Box as it travels through the typical supply chain.

One of the beauties of the digital world is being able to show off new products in videos. This new media outlet is also an ideal way to gain insight into what consumers think about packaging. In partnership with Watch Me Think, Packaging Digest will be producing a series of videos that study consumers’ interaction with packaging. We’ll “open” the series in early February with an episode where consumers show us products they dislike because they have a hard time getting the packages open.

Here’s another notable feature of our new website: Packaging Digest’s parent company, UBM Canon, is maestro of a number of packaging-related events, including WestPack, scheduled for Feb. 11-13 in Anaheim, CA. This familial bond offers us a unique opportunity to also help you connect with suppliers face-to-face. Packaging Digest’s online Directory tells you when a company is exhibiting at an upcoming UBM Canon event so you can easily plan an on-site meeting.

As the Voice of the Packaging Community, Packaging Digest listens to you and then helps direct meaningful conversations. This is your website. What do you think of it? How can we continue to make it better?

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