Paperboard boxes: Bon bons don keepsake boxes

March 11, 2015

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Paperboard boxes: Bon bons don keepsake boxes


With hinged, telescoping lids, NOKA Chocolate's new black and silver Encore Boxes(TM) serve as a reminder of the fine chocolates they contain, even after the chocolates have been eaten. Presentation is an important element for Dallas-based NOKA, which packages its chocolate gifts in unique, luxurious, paperboard three-piece setup gift boxes wrapped in a black paper. The gift boxes encourage appreciation of the products by all of the senses, including the look, aroma, flavor and texture of the chocolates and truffles within. Available for 12- and 24-piece product varieties, the Encore Box has a lid secured to an external base by a dual-paper hinge (externally and internally) to ensure proper attachment. An insert that sits inside the base rises above it for a three-dimensional effect.

Made and designed by Paul T. Freund Corp. (, the boxes present an elegant graphic design created by Katrina Merrem and NOKA president Noah Houghton. The design showcases silver foil stamping of company logo and black foil stamping of the word, "Encore. "The logo is then debossed. NOKA hand crafts its dark chocolates and truffles, which are made to strict specifications. "Our focus for the packaging is to heighten the ceremony of the gifting experience," says Houghton.

"By redesigning our boxes as keepsakes, we ensure that magical moments and memories can be enjoyed into the future by both the person who gives the gift and by the person who receives it. The packaging must meet the highest standards of quality."

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