PBR as premium brew - crazy or genius?

David Bellm

January 29, 2014

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PBR as premium brew - crazy or genius?


Okay, we all know that good packaging can go a long way to shifting the public’s perception of a brand. But does the charisma of the container have enough power to instantly shift one of the most lowbrow brands into an ultra-premium name?

Apparently the folks at Pabst Blue Ribbon think so. Either that or they’re up for a marketing challenge that borders on the ludicrous. In China, they’re introducing a super fancy version of average-joe suds brand Pabst Blue Ribbon. This deluxe iteration will carry the subtley more upscale name “Blue Ribbon 1844.”

Of course, back here in the good old U-S of A, Pabst — better known as “PBR” — was a near dead brand that got a surprising stay of execution when college-age beer consumers discovered it as the epitome of anti-hip hipness. Fueling that popularity with the younger set is its similarly unpretentious pricing … about $3.50 a six last time I checked.

But apparently frat boys in Shanghai have a different perception of our beloved PBR. Over in China, Pabst will introduce Blue Ribbon 1844 for the rather un-collegiate price of about 44 bucks a bottle!

I’ve never been to China, but I’m pretty sure whatever equivalent of the ratty plaid thrift-store couch is gracing their dorm rooms isn’t holding enough coins for a case of those.

Makes me wonder what they’re paying for Milwaukee’s Best?

- d!b


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