Perfume or liquor? Does the package tell you?

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on August 28, 2018

Did you ever notice how similar packaging is for gin and eau de toilet? We did. While not all primary packages for perfume or high-end liquor are heavy glass, many are. And both categories often use a stopper closure and elegant labels or elaborate decorating. Can you spot which is which? Take our fun quiz to see how well you score!

We’ve blurred out any product-defining hints on the photos at first so it’s at least a little challenging. Good luck!

Make a note of your score and comment below to tell us how many you got right out of the eight packages we present. It’s the honor system—we’re trusting you to be honest about your score.


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I don't see a link to the quiz?
The link to the quiz is at the end of the article: CLICK HERE TO START THE QUIZ.
So far, 25 people have taken the quiz and 100% of them have gotten #4 correct! That one must be too easy. Ha!
8/8 correct
8/8 correct. Last one is difficult to see.
Congrats, Michael! You are one of the few who got all correct out of the 150+ people taking the quiz.
A potentially tricky quiz made dead easy. The bottle caps are an instant give away!
8 out of 8 - I buy a lot of liquor and perfume.
7/8. Sometimes the tops of the bottle/container are good indicators.