March 11, 2015

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Pickle purveyor puckers up with lip balm
Van Holten's pickle-flavored lip balm


Van Holten

Van Holten's is way out of the box with their new product offering, Big Papa Dill Pickle Lip Balm.


"We started using the dill pickle-flavored lip balm as a quirky promotional giveaway, but the response has been so strong and so positive we knew we had to add it to our product line," says Steve Byrnes, Van Holten's President.


Big Papa is Van Holten's flagship pickle-in-a-pouch character who adorns the lip balm packaging. "We like to have fun with our products and everyone recognizes Big Papa, making this a great extension of our brand. We're not trying to knock off Chapstick but we know our customers will get a kick out of it," Byrnes says.


Several chains have already committed to carrying the product and you can expect to see Van Holten's Big Papa dill pickle lip balm at convenience stores and other retail outlets beginning in December.


Big Papa dill pickle flavored lip balm is an impulse novelty item that comes in a .15 oz. tube. Sixty tubes are packaged in a clear plastic globe container for easy merchandising anywhere. The lip balm is made with natural ingredients, has SPF 15 protection and will retail for $0.99 - $1.29.


Source: Van Holten Pickles

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