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Pop Up Bowls offer convenient snacking with a view of product popping

Article-Pop Up Bowls offer convenient snacking with a view of product popping

Pop Up Bowls offer convenient snacking with a view of product popping



Ipopupbowln a reported industry first, Orville Redenbacher popcorn has introduced the Pop Up Bowl for five flavors of its microwave popcorn-Butter, SmartPop Butter, Movie Theater Butter, Ultimate Butter and Kettle Korn.


The packaging concept and design were developed internally by Orville Redenbacher's brand owner ConAgra, with external resources to supplement ConAgra's packaging development team and help solve some of the technical challenges. ConAgra says the new packaging is the biggest innovation in popcorn segment in a quarter of a century.
The top three challenges faced by ConAgra's team when creating the new Pop Up Bowl packaging included the lamination of the rollstock, the modification of the form/fill/seal equipment to create the new package, and the development of the adhesives, venting and opening systems. While ConAgra declined to identify the packaging suppliers, it did disclose some of the packaging structure details to Packaging Digest. The Pop Up Bowl is made from a combination of polyester and refined paper that is flexographically printed using three colors. "The plastic used for the film cover of the Pop Up Bowl is PET, a common material used in frozen food trays and as the top cover to frozen meals," said a company spokesperson. "It was chosen for its high heat resistance, clarity and proven consumer safety in microwave packaging. The secondary packaging for the Pop Up Bowl is identical in shape to the cartons for our existing popcorn products. However, the graphics have been updated to include the Pop Up Bowl image and logo."

The inclusion of PET is innovative because it enables consumers to watch the product pop as the packaging transforms from a bag to a wide-brimmed, free-standing bowl. This, the company says, offers easier snacking and sharing. 

The Orville Redenbacher Pop Up Bowl is available at U.S. grocery and mass retailers at a suggested retail price of $2.99 for a package of three and $4.49 for a package of six.

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