Pouch dispenser

March 11, 2015

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Pouch dispenser

The co. unveils its second-generation PD-2 pouch dispenser, used for inserting pouches of desiccant, silica gel and oxygen absorbers into pharmaceutical bottles or food containers. The pouch dispenser utilizes dual servo motors, is capable of speeds up to 350 pouches/min and can be transferred to any number of lines in a facility, in order to leave the smallest possible footprint. The machine features a hand-held touchscreen remote controller with a Spanish and English directory, an Auto-Feed (AF) function that allows a new roll of material to automatically home itself to the knife’s edge, minimizing downtime, and a registration sensor that finds and cuts at the sealed area of a pouch to avoid miss-cuts. The dispenser also includes a remote enclosed unwind stand, a product-monitoring system, Allen-Bradley controls, a pneumatic gating system, timing screws and a Panasonic vision system.

ABOX Automation Corp., 973/659-9611.


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