January 29, 2014

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Pouch lets shots 'break out of the bottle'


The ubiquitous grab-and-go package has now spilled over into the liquor aisle with the introduction of the Pocket Shot line of single-serve alcohol products, presented in a 50-mL, flexible standup pouch format. Pocket Shot founder Jarrold R. Bachmann says he got the idea for the portable spot of 80-proof varietals after he saw workers at his South African farm buy "simple, crude, twenty-five-milliliter plastic sachets of alcohol to celebrate payday."

He adds, "As someone who loves being outdoors, traveling and sports, I saw an opportunity to develop a product to fit my lifestyle and extend across all demographics from the older golfer to the 'extreme sport generation.'"

Employing a distinctive shape that resembles a miniature bottle, complete with a bottle neck for easy pouring, the flexible pouches are made of a proprietary, three-layer, laminated film structure, gravure-printed and converted by Amcor Flexibles Europe (www.amcor.com) at its facilities in Switzerland and Denmark, respectively. Graphics, produced by PackagingARTS (www.packagingarts.com), are designed to convey a "sophisticated simplicity that has great shelf impact," Bachmann says. The clear, flexible, "mini flasks" are decorated on the front with a bold logo and a variety designation in black and white type, along with a splash of color that emanates from the lower left-hand corner of the pouch and matches the hue of the product in each pack. While the contents of the pouch contain quite a bite, no teeth are required to open this pack, as a tear notch at the top allows for easy opening and dispensing.

Five varieties—Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey; Imported Caribbean Gold Rum; Premium, Triple Distilled Vodka; London Dry Gin; and Especial Gold Tequila, imported from Mexico—are filled and distributed by Frank-Lin Spirits and Fine Wines of San Jose, CA.

The Pocket Shot line was test-marketed in California last July and is now available in New Mexico, Arizona and Wisconsin for a retail cost of $1.59 to $1.99. Bachmann notes that line extensions are in the works, including several new sizes, a greater variety of spirits and mixed-drink versions.

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