Protein shot encapsulates cool

January 29, 2014

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Protein shot encapsulates cool



New products launched in the U.S

The Body Fortress Super Whey Protein Shot, from Bohemia, NY-based Body Fortress, makes it easy to get the protein the body needs with 26 g of it, packed into a fruit punch-flavored powder formula that is “naturally flavored.”

This protein shot is offered in a vial tube, giving it a more clinical and effective feel. This isn't an entirely new type of package, but is not overly common and is used here to convey effectiveness and practicality. The company even states that consumers can reuse the vial once empty as a supplement holder. The product retails in a 2.9-fl oz vial. The PP tube has an injection-molded cap and is sleeved with a gravure-printed film body label. Standing 170 mm tall, the tube replicates the look of a vitamin capsule.

Protein shot encapsulates cool


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