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Rust-Oleum  Launches New Wood Stain in Ball’s Shaped Aerosol Cans

Article-Rust-Oleum  Launches New Wood Stain in Ball’s Shaped Aerosol Cans

Rust-Oleum Corporation has launched an new foaming wood stain in Aergo shaped tinplate aerosol cans from Ball Corporation. The 9-oz. cans feature an hourglass shape that provides improved ergonomics while reinforcing premium brand and product attributes.

"Rust-Oleum's Varathane Foam Stain is the first wood stain available in a foam format for enhanced control, a real revolutionary concept in wood staining," said Matt Moon, brand manager for Varathane. "We needed a package that would communicate the innovative nature of our product, stand out on the shelf and enhance the consumer experience. Ball's ergonomically shaped aerosol can is a great solution because it delivers a very unique look, is easy and comfortable to grip and helps deliver more precise application."

Until now wood stains have primarily only been available in a liquid format and tended to drip, according to Moon. He says Varathane Foam Stain stays where you spray it, giving consumers more stability and control when they apply the stain, as well as reducing the mess traditionally associated with wood staining.

According to Ball, its Aergo custom shaping technology allows up to a 30 percent expansion beyond the straight-walled diameter, allowing for a wide range of custom shaping possibilities. It is available across Ball's portfolio of sizes and is compatible with existing tinplate filling lines, requiring only some modifications, says the company. Ball's tinplate aerosol packages are made with a minimum of 25 percent recycled content and are fully recyclable when empty.

Source: Ball Corporation

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