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SC Johnson files patent for packaging design cue system

SC Johnson files patent for packaging design cue system
Patent for packaging design cues coordinates related visual and textual elements across multiple, complimentary products.

A patent filing published last week by SC Johnson offers a holistic approach to packaging design cues that coordinates related visual and textual cues across multiple, but complimentary products as an effective on-package consumer education method.

 What can a brand owner do with multiple lines of complimentary products that wants consumers to understand those connections quickly, visually and at the point-of-purchase? Do what SC Johnson did: Invent a way to do that effectively and simply through the packaging design and then file a patent on it. The patent “Packaging cue system for consumer products” was published on January 29.

SC Johnson, Racine, WI,  provides consumers with packaged goods in the pest control, air care, auto care and other categories for familiar brands including Raid, OFF!, Glade, Windex and others. It has a range of products within each of these brands. Now it looks to provide consumers with a manageable system to identify and associate the use of the individual products with others in a beneficial regimen approach.

An example illustrated in the background portion of the patent filing that would “greatly benefit” from a product regimen is pest control. The invention addresses consumers not knowing that more than one product may be more effective, for example individual pest-control products that attack, control and prevent bugs that can work better when used together. At the same time it addresses consumers concern about having too many pest control products.

Comprehensive, coordinated on-package education

The patent  centers on the need for consumer education that goes beyond digital media ads and commercials and in-store displays that are not always allowable or practical right where the rubber meets the road: On the package at the point-of-purchase.

This is a patent where the concept is easy to understand, but the supportive copy relating to the various embodiments becomes comprehensively detailed.

Suffice to state that the idea in one exemplary version is a visual cue system associated with several product packages that consists of a first visual cue including a symbol and corresponding text. A second visual cue has these corresponding elements that are associated with a second, complimentary product.

There’s also a “regimen key” is associated with at least one of these two products. And the patent goes from there to state a number of variations of the theme.

As with several of the other packaging patents that I’ve come across the past two years, I’m surprised someone hasn’t thought of this before to the point of filing a formal patent on the concept. But isn't that how some of the best ideas of others first strike us?

You can view the patent filing here.

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