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Separately sealed pack gives salad mixings 18-day shelf life

Separately sealed pack gives salad mixings 18-day shelf life
Ruby Fresh

Ruby Fresh

Ruby Fresh's innovative new Salad Jewels combine fresh pomegranate arils with savory ingredients that turn any ordinary green salad into the crowning jewel of the meal.

The Salad Jewels come in a 7-oz package with a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $6.99. The Salad Jewels have a shelf life of 18 days from the day they ship.


The package has three separate sealed areas, explains head of domestic sales at Ruby Fresh, David Anthony. "This allows the different ingredients to be shipped together, without loss of the individual flavors. We use a special film that is automatically heat sealed to our packaging, which allows the product to breathe. This type of special film does not require any type of gas flush. As a result, this gives us more than three weeks of shelf life."


The outer sleeve is recycled paperboard with nutritional information and display information. Salad Jewels are shipped via refrigerated transport at the same temperature most salad items are shipped and stored at: 34 to 36 deg F.


The product line has three varieties:

• The Brilliant Southern Blend includes fresh arils, chopped pecans and crumbled bacon.
• The Sparkling Spring Mix includes fresh arils, chopped walnuts and gorgonzola cheese.
• The Gleaming Mediterranean Medley includes fresh arils, sliced almonds and feta cheese.


Ruby Fresh was named a finalist in the New Product Award competition at United Fresh 2013 show in San Diego, CA. Anthony says, "To be included in this elite group of finalists for consideration is a real honor for all of us at Ruby Fresh. We believe that new offerings like Salad Jewels allow for even more creative ways to enjoy pomegranates with friends and family throughout the year."


Source: Ruby Fresh



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