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Service links on-pack QR codes to instructional videos

Service links on-pack QR codes to instructional videos
Assembly Videos

Assembly VideosAssembly Videos, a service of Sky Dive Blondie LLC, has launched its patent-pending assembly video process that makes assembling any product simple and stress-free for the consumer and significantly increases profitably for the manufacturer. 

Assembly Videos accomplishes this through its custom-produced multimedia "how to" videos and marketing integration services that provide consumers a demonstration of how to assemble, use, upgrade or maintain their purchased products perfectly. 

To start the process, Assembly Videos conducts a product assembly instructions analysis and use testing. Based on the evaluation, the company provides a gap analysis of those assembly instructions, solutions to the gaps and a solution process for correction. Then, they create a complete assembly video for the product that is ready for distribution and that links to the brand's designated social media sites. 

"Approximately 76 percent of products are not assembled properly the first time, costing manufacturers billions of profit annually. How many times have we all heard ‘I never use the instructions to assemble anything.' Our goal is to solve this and the cost challenges using technology and multi-media," says Geoff Tanham, CEO/co-founder of Assembly Videos and parent company, Sky Dive Blondie. "We create a product assembly video for the client, as well as develop a mobile linking strategy to incorporate the video into the product's packaging."

Tanham says that when product instructions are imperfect or hard-to-follow, manufacturers always experience unnecessarily high product returns and significantly higher customer service costs. Instead of using stick diagrams or flat videos without audio, Assembly Videos integrates animation and 3-D renderings paired with live visual and audio instructions. The process incorporates QR codes so customers can easily scan the code after opening the product to access that product's assembly video.


Source: Assembly Videos



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