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Short-run packaging enhances spice maker's presentation

Short-run packaging enhances spice maker's presentation
Sunrise Digital Spices

Sunrise Digital SpicesAs packaging professionals well know, the words "high-end packaging" and "short-run" typically do not appear in the same sentence. To achieve the highly polished look required by today's competitive market, there is a significant amount of tooling and prototyping, making a short-run project excessively expensive.

Specialty color printing companies are now using a new wave of digital technologies to deliver affordable solutions to meet clients' quality demands. Features such as digital die-cutting, custom-fitted foam inserts, magnetic closure, soft-touch film lamination, and digital metallic foil printing are showing up on projects with quantities as low as 25. Such is the case with a high-end spice presentation box project delivered to Southeastern Mills by Chicago-based Sunrise Digital on behalf of marketing agency Lalich Resources. 

One of the biggest challenges was the project's small quantity requirement and high quality demands-only 25 boxes were needed for a high-profile presentation. A long list of unique features included a lenticular cover, a custom spice tray with eight wells at varying depths a hidden magnetic closure system and a clear information pocket. The entire box was wrapped in high-gloss lamination film for a highly polished look. In true team fashion, Sunrise and Lalich worked hand-in-hand through concept design and prototyping stages to address each of the client's concerns and delivered the finished project in record time.

Production started with printing on one of Sunrise Digital's G7-certified HP Indigo presses to ensure the highest standards of color accuracy and consistency. A super-thin film lamination was added using a large format thermal laminator. The custom-fitted spice tray was router-cut on the company's Zund G3 digital cutter and embedded with multiple hidden neodymium rare-earth magnets to provide a "magical" closure system. All parts were meticulously hand-assembled for a finished retail look.

"This project is an excellent showcase of how Sunrise's combination of digital technologies can produce results unthinkable just a few years ago." says Jimmy Sun, president of Sunrise Digital. "With a great partner like Lalich Resources, we make high-end, short-run packaging a reality for our clients."

Source: PRWeb


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