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Sleek bottle gives replenishment drink a wakeup call

March 11, 2015

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Sleek bottle gives replenishment drink a wakeup call


Code Blue is a zesty, new recovery drink set to make a splash on the market. Available online at www.drinkcodeblue.com and currently in more than 100 locations in New York City, the bottle features a cutting-edge design created by the founders of the New York City-based company by the same name. Formulated with antioxidants to help you feel better by hydrating, replenishing and detoxifying, Code Blue comes in a sleek, custom 12-oz PET bottle produced by MPI Packaging, Inc.(www.mpi-pkg.com), sourced by Zuckerman Honickman(www.zh-inc.com). Dazzling LiquidMetal metallic-finish technology from Ampacet Corp.(www.ampacet.com) is used on the bottle to replicate a highly reflective, polished-metal look Topped with an Alcoa Closure Systems Intl.(www.csiclosures.com) twist-cap, the bright blue bottle features jazzy 3D holographic ink and liquid metal labeling screen-printed in four colors with UV flexo inks and holographic foil stamping by J.R. Cole Industries(www.jrcole.com). Code Blue can be consumed before, during or after a night out, to speed the recovery process and bring the body back into balance. Black Bear Bottling Group, LLC

(www.blackbearbottling.com) in Oak Creek, WI, copacks Code Blue.

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