Semi-rigid container makes single-handed opening a literal snap

Rick Lingle in Packaging Design on October 28, 2014

The Snapsil easy-open thermoformed container enables a controlled product release for a variety of unit-dose and single-serve products including foods, beverages, personal care, healthcare and household products.


Snapsil semi-rigid containers feature a patented audible “snap-opening” function and allow consumers to open the package with one hand. These innovative containers have been introduced in North America through a joint effort between T.H.E.M., Bemis, Multivac and Australian-based Snapsil Corp.

They are available in a range of creative dispensing designs that enable simple and controlled product release for a variety of unit-dose and single-serve consumer products. The snap-opening function is integrated into the lower web of the thermoformed pack. Because there is no requirement for any perforation of the film in the opening area, the barrier properties for the pack remain uncompromised.


The packs are on-target for demographic, lifestyle and healthcare trends that are driving demand for better human-package interaction including ergonomic and single-hand design highlighted in this feature posted last week: Where package meets person: 3 ways to improve the relationship.


T.H.E.M. is supporting the Snapsil package in North America with product evaluation, testing and contract packaging services for initial trial, test market and higher volume commercial production runs. Snapsil portion packs are produced on Multivac thermoforming packaging machines. T.H.E.M. recently installed a MULTIVAC machine specifically designed to run Snapsil packaging at its Marlton, NJ contract packaging facility.


Neil Kozarsky, CEO and President of Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (T.H.E.M.), will deliver a presentation on Snapsil packaging technology at Pack Expo 2014, Chicago, on Tuesday, November 4, 11:30AM, at the Bemis Co. exhibit, S-3705. Ongoing Snapsil demonstrations will be conducted throughout the show at the Bemis booth in addition to the T.H.E.M. exhibit at S-4107.


Snapsil made its commercial debut in a single-serve offering of tomato ketchup. The package is also suitable for a number of food, beverage, spirits, personal care, healthcare and household products.


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