Soap cartons offer European charm

March 11, 2015

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Soap cartons offer European charm

When Lornamead Brands Inc. wanted to introduce an affordable line of pure vegetable, boutique-inspired soaps under its Yardley of London luxury soap brand, it partnered with design firm Little Big Brands (

The resulting .018 SBS paperboard carton features detailed botanical illustrations, which bring a classic English garden feel to each box, and contemporary typography. Curless Printing Co. ( using a manroland ( 306 press offset-printed a wrapped band image on the box's sides, top and bottom. The artwork on the outside of the box carries through to the inside, with a message under the top flap that encourages the consumer to: “Energize your soul” (Honeysuckle Citrus); “Bathe yourself in tranquility” (Almond Milk); or “Wash your cares away” (Lavender Wisteria).

“When you look at the natural soap category, you see a lot of clinical packaging,” says John Nunziato, creative director, Little Big Brands. “We took a different approach. We chose to celebrate the beauty of nature with lush illustrations and details that honor the natural ingredients and the rich heritage of the brand. The result being product and packaging that work in harmony to awaken all of the senses.”

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