Soft drinks with that Perrier sparkle

January 29, 2014

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Soft drinks with that Perrier sparkle


Fluo from France's Perrier is changing shelves in European supermarkets and moving to the soft drinks section. Fluo's market position has evolved from the “strange drink” of its early days to a fully-fledged soft drink with gourmet varieties in a rainbow of flavors. To keep them looking their best, the four flavors — orange–lychee, citrus fruit/lemon, cherry/ginger and lime/kiwi — feature revised packaging graphics, courtesy of Dragon Rouge (, that clearly tie into the graphic design of the existing Fluo line but sharply emphasize an explosion of tastes and flavor. The bottle label graphics for the 50-cL polyethylene terephthalate bottle, the 125-L PET bottle and the 33-cL metal cans convey a notion of multiple sensations. A link with the existing graphic identity is provided by a vertical brand design of the Fluo logo and the unchanged shape of the bottle. The logo has been optimized with an explosive burst element behind it to create a more unexpected, dynamic look to position the drink differently on the supermarket's shelves. The transparent film labels are color-coded in four bright and bold schemes and are flexo-printed in colors that to correspond to the drink flavors.

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