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Sophistication clicks for Trident Vitality

Sophistication clicks for Trident Vitality
Sophistication clicks for Trident Vitality

Consumers like to treat themselves to little, affordable indulgences, even when it comes to chewing gum. In late 2010, Kraft created Trident Vitality in three wellness-inspiring flavors: Awaken, Rejuve and Vigorate.

An austere silver box with printed clear overwrap and a unique opening says "sophisticated" and "fun" at the same time.


Alejandra Buitrago, senior engineer, packaging research, development & qualityTelling the innovation story of Trident Vitality is Alejandra Buitrago, senior engineer, packaging RDQ.


"We found the Vitality ‘lifestyle offer' concept to be a ripe opportunity with consumers. In this project, we wanted a design partner to be a part of the concept development process so they could really bring to life the essence of each concept. Once we found the winning concept, we chose to continue to work with the partner alongside our packaging development and graphics teams to bring the idea to market.

"From a packaging perspective, we needed to create a new package that reflected a sophisticated wellbeing lifestyle. The resulting package innovation was a sleek silver box with a ‘click top.' The slim silver box spoke to sophistication and the click top provided closure assurance, as well as playability. The design agency brought us the initial graphics and structure design, and our own research, development & quality team brought the structure to life. 

"The challenge was delivering a beautiful silver box and maintaining the sleekness and click you could hear—without an overwhelming cost. Our packaging design and development teams worked to find the necessary solutions—finding high-quality ink solutions and optimizing the closure mechanism—through many trials. 

"What's remarkable is how the final structure and graphics did not change much from the initial design. The team took pains to stay true to the concept throughout the commercialization.

"Trident Vitality was a successful open innovation because we chose a design agency that was strong in translating concepts into creative and spot-on conceptual designs. Our internal packaging design and development teams took things further in collaborating with the outside design agency with open minds. Everyone was willing to build on good ideas regardless of their origin. Vitality was a collective effort and one-team approach from start to finish."



Sophistication clicks for Trident Vitality



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