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Stylish 3-layer packaging design reflects yogurt layers

Stylish 3-layer packaging design reflects yogurt layers
Stonyfield’s tri-layer design for new Oh My Yog! yogurt.

Product and packaging design coordinate seamlessly in the packaging design for cups of Stonyfield’s new tri-layer organic yogurt.

"Everything about Oh My Yog! – from its name to  its colorfully striped packaging – reflects the experience you have when you're eating it,” says Ben Angeloni, Stonyfield vp of marketing. “It's all about enjoying beautiful layers of a really delicious food."

Outside the 6oz cup is printed a striking 3-layer horizontal packaging design, with each word of the product name stacked in occupying a color-coordinated top and bottom layer sandwiched around a white middle layer. Inside is a three-layer yogurt with fruit on the bottom, honey-infused yogurt in the middle and a decadent layer of cream on top. It must have taken quite a filler setup to produce a three-part sequential fill.

With a high-quality spooned product image pictured on the front and a stylized bee along the side as an ingredient cue, the overall design strikes an appropriately tasteful chord. Y&R Spain is credited with the package design.

Sold in select retailers nationwide at a suggested price of $1.59, Oh My Yog! is available in 6 atypical varieties: Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Wild Quebec Blueberry, Pacific Coast Strawberry, Gingered Pear, Apple Cinnamon, and Orange Cranberry.

Stonyfield is in the midst of a product and packaging development binge, introducing cylindrical bottles of OP brand organic protein smoothie drinks in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla varieties and organic yogurt in squeezable pouches with oversized resealable closures. The pouches for babies, toddlers and kids are named YoTot, YoBaby and YoKids Squeeze, respectively, all with the tag line Love me. Hold me. Squeeze Me.

Stonyfield is the second brand owner in the last few weeks to have announced flexpack yogurt formats, see also Chobani’s introduction of pouches and tubes.

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