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By Rick Lingle in Packaging Design on August 27, 2019


Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and the plastic straw bans that are sweeping the nation have inspired Fabri-Kal (Kalamazoo, MI) to develop what it is calling Sip Lids for cold-drink cups. The new Sip Lids are an ideal solution for foodservice establishments looking for straw alternatives, said the company, a supplier of foodservice and custom thermoformed packaging products.

Consumer habits were researched to design a lid that would be convenient for on-the-go customers while preventing liquids from splashing during transport.

Fabri-Kal’s Sip Lids are compatible with the company’s Kal-Clear, Nexclear and Greenware cups. The PET-based Sip Lid fits five popular Kal-Clear PET drink cups and four Nexclear polypropylene drink cups. The new Greenware Sip Lid is made from plants, not petroleum, and fits three popular Greenware cup sizes. Greenware cups and lids are made from Ingeo biopolymer (PLA) and are compostable in commercial facilities, which the company advises in its announcement may not be available in all areas. The products are not suitable for backyard composting.

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Rick Lingle

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