Surface-protector film 1891

January 29, 2014

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Surface-protector film

Novacel 9230 is intended for smooth, shiny laminate protection. The transparent, colorless polyester film is 25-microns thick and is designed to resist high-temperature post forming. The product’s innovation in its solvent-free adhesive mass stems from a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process. As long as the film has not been soiled during use, it may be incinerated or recycled. In the same way, all packaging and cores are recyclable or reusable. The films can be applied to a variety of surfaces including stainless steel, pre-coated metals, glass, aluminum, plastics, profiles and high-pressure laminates. The film acts as a barrier against surface damage at every stage of the transformation process (folding, stamping, forming) as well as during handling, transport and finishing, preventing scratches and dirt.

Novacel, 413/283-3468.

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