Target Shoppers Grade Refillable Plastic-Packaged Cleaners

Vizit’s artificial intelligence determines the scores Target shoppers give to the online images of nine brands and types of refillable, plastic-packaged cleaners.

April 6, 2021

5 Slides

The importance of digital shelf impact cannot be overstated in today’s online, ecommerce-driven omnichannel market.

The Visual Brand Performance Platform from Vizit, “the world's first Visual Intelligence company,” offers a revolutionary technology that helps global consumer brands drive higher sales by optimizing their visual content and designs.

Vizit also generously undertook a project for us: It sourced 400 images from more than 30 brands and 50 household cleaning spray products, then narrowed the set to nine popular “refillable” cleaning spray products that were assessed by the shoppers of three popular online retailers: Amazon, Target, and Walmart. These included Blueland, a relative newcomer to the market that gained national attention on Shark Tank.

View the results in this slideshow gallery that identifies the Top 3 performers — and a laggard — among Target shoppers along with a special bonus slide.

Be sure to read the introductory feature about the technology and this study.

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