The best remedy for a bad day

Bill Farquharson

January 29, 2014

1 Min Read
The best remedy for a bad day

No matter what kind of day I have, if I have made a solid effort to drive new business, I’m in a good place. It doesn’t matter if I sell nothing in the process, it is the simple fact that I got in a bunch of calls. Sometimes I bring some phone numbers with me and call from the road (not my first choice) just to get in a few extras. While I would rather have a few "yes’s" to bank on, I have to believe that something good will come from my following up day after day.

What I am not sure about is whether to make all the calls I can, all the calls I am in the mood to make that day, or to aim for a certain number and then quit. I’ve tried all three and currently just call a list until it is exhausted. Prospecting is a lot like advertising. My hope is that while they might not need me now, the day will come and BANG! I will be there!
Yes, there are difficult times for everyone, myself included. Having started a new company, my sales momentum is zippo. So, it is incumbent upon me to be diligent and persistent (is that the same thing?) and have faith that something good will come from my efforts.

Okay, break’s over! Back to the phones!

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