There's an app for that?

David Bellm

January 29, 2014

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There's an app for that?

Today I came across an interesting little morsel for those who want to get more efficient about combining their passion for gadgets and vino - it’s an iPhone app that allows users to scan wine bar codes off the label and quickly access information from a database.

Just be sure to don the proper scholarly smirk while you scan the labels. I recommend a mix between Orson Wells and the guys from vintage SNL sketch “Sprockets.”

Here’s what the company says about it:

wine_guy_in_suit_toast_sxc.jpg Brings Wine Bar Code Scanning to iPhone Wine Info, the leading wine application for mobile devices, has partnered with Occipital, the makers of RedLaser, to bring bar code reading for wine to the iPhone.

Even before this latest release, was named a “Top 5 Wine App” by VinTank/Palate Press, the best wine app by Bob Tedeschi of The New York Times, and one of Fast Company Magazine’s “25 Must-Have iPhone Apps.” Bar code reading extends’s advantage in the mobile wine information market.

In addition to being the only mobile wine application with bar code reading, Wine Info is the only wine application powered by CellarTracker, the largest and most comprehensive wine database in the world. “Since integrates with CellarTracker’s huge database of over 750,000 distinct wines, we needed an easy way for users to take advantage of bar codes to find wine,” said CEO Brooks Talley. “RedLaser’s great accuracy and high performance were a natural fit.”

“It’s fantastic to be at the store and to just scan a bar code rather than typing in a long wine name. Of course, not all wines have bar codes, and some wineries re-use the same bar code for multiple vintages of a wine, so it’s not a panacea … but it does greatly improve the user experience for most wines,” said Talley.

Jeffrey Powers, Co-Founder of Occipital, added: “We’re excited for the new version of because it’s a great showcase for the power of Occipital’s iPhone bar code scanning solution. We invested a lot of time making sure that our technology works great, even in low light and on curved bottles, and we’re looking forward to continuing our work with to further improve UPC coverage.” is the most robust mobile wine application, combining CellarTracker’s database of over 1,000,000 consumer wine notes and reviews plus over 100,000 professional reviews.
Users can record their own ratings and notes from within the application, and can even post them to Twitter and/or Facebook automatically. is also the only mobile wine application to integrate’s extensive real-time database of wine prices.

“Our development focus is entirely on our users, and we work hard for them, releasing updates and incorporating community feature requests,” said Talley. “It’s our goal to provide useful wine information to other wine lovers so we can all drink better wine.” is available worldwide in Apple’s iPhone App Store via iTunes or for $3.99.


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