Top 10 packaging design editorials of 2017

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on December 18, 2017

Great packaging design is the common denominator for articles about Kellogg’s on-the-go snacks, cannabis, millennials, smart packaging, influential kids, shaped aluminum and the “beauty” market. As we continue our end-of-the-year review, we now present our Top 10 list of packaging design-related items for the year based on page views at

One qualification: Packaging design-related articles that appear in other top-article lists are not duplicated here. For example, “Bag-in-box bulk water debuts in U.S.” definitely details the AquaViBox packaging design but because it hits #5 on our list of “7 best-read food and beverage packaging articles of 2017,” it does not show up in this compilation.

We start our countdown with…


#10. New tech reshapes aluminum beverage bottles

Aluminum beverage bottles reached an apex around 2005 with the introduction of reclosable, shaped designs for Coke and Jolt soda brands. It has taken another decade to improve on that with technology that creates asymmetric shapes in register with printing.

The proprietary, patented uShape technology from Montebello Packaging helps brands stand out with a unique shape that provides powerful iconic brand equity. The technology allows Montebello Packaging to asymmetrically shape an aluminum bottle with flutes, embossing, debossing and various fine details.


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Hi Lisa. I am curious. What is the difference between food packaging design and food packaging label design? Aren't they the same? I have found this page and realized that packaging contributes to branding as well. But what does more, the design of the packaging, or the design of the label printing? This is the page. <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank"></a> Thanks alot Lisa.
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