Top 10 packaging design editorials of 2017: Page 6 of 10

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on December 18, 2017

#5. 2016 parade of new packages showcases great design

For ideas and inspiration, we present all the new packages published on in 2016. This sortable, searchable, downloadable database contains links, photos and summaries of more than 80 packages. From bottles to pouches and cups to cans, these commercialized packages all have a great design story to tell.

[We've already started to compile our 2017 articles in an Excel document for an early-January posting.]


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Hi Lisa. I am curious. What is the difference between food packaging design and food packaging label design? Aren't they the same? I have found this page and realized that packaging contributes to branding as well. But what does more, the design of the packaging, or the design of the label printing? This is the page. <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank"></a> Thanks alot Lisa.