Top 10 packaging design editorials of 2017: Page 7 of 10

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on December 18, 2017

#4. Honest Marijuana chooses cans to protect cannabis from light, moisture and oxidation

A food-grade tin can is an unusual choice for marijuana buds, but it certainly protects the product from getting crushed, from the damaging effects of light and moisture, and from oxidation. The package—which also has a child-resistant overcap—preserves freshness and maintains product aroma.

Although this article was posted in August 2016, it remains a favorite.


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Hi Lisa. I am curious. What is the difference between food packaging design and food packaging label design? Aren't they the same? I have found this page and realized that packaging contributes to branding as well. But what does more, the design of the packaging, or the design of the label printing? This is the page. <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank"></a> Thanks alot Lisa.