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Design Excellence: O-I : EXPRESSIONS

This year’s Design Excellence Award honors Owens-Illinois Inc. for O-I : EXPRESSIONS, a technique that uses direct-to-glass digital printing to decorate bottles. The O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF version of the technology takes the concept a step further, creating tactile effects on glass packaging.

O-I : EXPRESSIONS, which is positioned as a late-stage packaging design option, offers the benefits of flexible production volumes and nimble response to market demands. The technology is also environmentally friendly, using organic inks that do not hinder the glass package’s recyclability. Packagers’ ability to maintain smaller inventories also helps reduce packaging waste.

“In my opinion, the premium version of O-I : EXPRESSIONS, called O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF—named after the sculptural technique—is the most innovative feature of our personalization service offering,” says Yolanda Fernandez, marketing communication specialist, O-I Europe Sàrl.

She explains that the digital/relief technology “takes brands a step beyond what was previously thought possible in terms of customization and premiumization,” via customized three-dimensional printed effects such as embossing and colored embossing.

“This will enable brands to interact with consumers through the sense of touch. This is the feature that is generating the most ‘wow’ responses from customers, not only because of how it looks, but because it really opens up new opportunities for smaller volumes,” Fernandez adds. Those smaller runs may include limited-time package designs, seasonal packaging and promotional bottles.

“In our opinion, digital printing should not be seen as a solution that will replace existing offerings and solutions, but rather it offers new opportunities for personalizing glass packaging and transforming packaging design through late-stage differentiation,” Fernandez says. “Our O-I : EXPRESSIONS service transforms a bottle into a canvas with speed and ease and helps brands create consumer experiences.”


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