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Top 5 packaging developments of June

Top 5 packaging developments of June
An example of how to communicate with "Green Worriers", one of the megatrends highlighted.

Like the weather, things also heated up this past month with reader interest in the packaging articles posted at Our top stories selected by our audience based on website metrics ran the gamut from tradeshow visits that highlighted on-trend packages to a revealing inside look at a store brand that promotes itself as Great.

We present the Top 5 in reverse order, starting with this article posted back in a chillier time—January, to be specific—that demonstrates the lengthy shelf life of really good information.

This article identifies global consumer megatrends wherein consumers of every age and ilk—including presidents, celebrities and even the pope—document their opinions and the daily details of their existence with selfies, tweets and posts. It seems that what retailers are really selling is much more than products: lifestyle is a major consideration. That puts today’s food and beverage companies under crucible-level pressure to connect with modern consumers’ self-images, and still fit functionality, sustainability and with style into their products. All this and more is disclosed in the Top 5 critical packaging trends for 2015.

At #4 is a rare inside look at packaging from one of the largest private brands in the world…

4.  This “private” look at the store brands for one of the world’s largest retailers reveals what Great Value 2.0 looks like and what’s next for the line. We also provided readers a look at Blackweb, Walmart’s label for its new line of premium electronics products, and at Pure Balance Premium Pet Foods (shown) that two months into its Canadian launch have proven “highly successful,” according to Walmart manager Sandra Farwell.  Get the scoop in Walmart reveals new packaging for Great Value and more.

3 for 3: Next at #3 are 3 impressive examples of packaging uncovered the past month in NYC…

3. Veteran packaging editor Lisa Pierce combed EastPack in New York City on Day 1 and  found these three new packaging developments that she felt deserved recognition for taking something—specifically, a multipack concept, a blister and a print/apply labeler—and making it remarkably better. She even calls the first one (shown) “brilliant.”

Don’t take my word for it, take hers by reading 3 impressive new products at EastPack 2015.

Posted in late May, our #2 article centered on the foodservice portion of the market…

2. A visit to the National Restaurant Show in May uncovered unconventional products and packaging from a no-handle Super Jug to fully-loaded brownie pouches to the first shelf-stable hummus multipack to Ghirardelli’s pouch-driven dispensing system to concentrates with character (shown) to a tiny semi-automatic packaging machine that amply fills a void in DIY foodservice packaging.

7 packaging innovations fit for foodservice tells the whole story on seven visual pages.

Next: For the #1 most popular article at of June, we go back two months for another Top 5 within our Top 5…


1. This compilation highlighted the Top 5 articles of the month before last with articles on a science-reflecting packaging redesign, debris-polluted oceans, a very intriguing beer launch (shown) and two virtual tours of trendy food packaging innovations. Read more in Top 5 packaging developments of May.

See you again next month when we highlight the Top 5 Packaging Developments of July.

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