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Top 5 packaging developments of March

Top 5 packaging developments of March
While Kentucky's Wildcats made it to the Final Four, this feline-friendly product made PD's Final Five during a wildly popular March.

With the Final Four of NCAA basketball just ended Monday night, we present our Final Five of March's most popular articles. Making the cut was a sustainable jug, a reclosure partnership involving a major brand owner, a dairy company that got flexible, tactile-inducing packaging and beer packaging loaded with value-added mystery.

Although it has come and gone, the month of March saw the welcome start of spring and a keen interest in five highly popular articles on as determined by website analytics. Read what packaging developments your peers found most interesting, though you’ll see that this list includes a rare, exact-number tie at #2. Our list starts in reverse order at #4 as seen above:

4. A joint effort from Nestle Purina PetCare and Ecologic Brands Inc. (shown above) is a molded fiber bottle made from recycled, recyclable molded paper pulp with built-in handle that holds eco-friendly cat litter. In addition to being easy on the environment, the jug is user-friendly. The packaging design features a sturdy molded handle, a helpful feature for a product with fill weights of 6 and 10.5 lbs. Read more about the development in our exclusive interview.

 Next up: #3 involves a CPG, a well-known R&D organization and a new kind of low-tack adhesive that sticks only to itself.

3. In a successful case of open innovation, snack food giant Mondelēz Intl. partnered with Battelle to develop new packaging reclosure as an economical replacement to zippers and other reseal technologies. Called Low Tack Adhesive (LTA), the product only sticks to itself when simply pressed together but with high enough bond strength to provide a secure yet easy-open reclose feature. Developed for snack food packaging, LTA has far-reaching applications for dry goods—cereal, for example.  You can read the article here.

Next up: The first of our pair of #2s is a flexible new part of this brand owner’s product mix that’s Greek to me and really all of us.

2. What does a brand owner do when a major segment’s growth slows?  It does what Chobani LLC did already in 2015: It found ways to keep the momentum going by launching a mix of new products and fresh packaging. The dairy company launched a range of Greek yogurt products that include its entry into flexible packaging using pouches and tubes that targets kids.  You can read more in our exclusive interview centering on the packaging component of the company’s mission “to provide better food for more people.”

 Next up is our other #2: A new product launch from a major brewer figuratively wrapped—and literally contained—in a packaging-driven veil of mystery and intrigue.

2. What’s a better date for a new product launch based on mystery and intrigue than Friday 13th? That’s when Anheuser-Busch’s newest and decidedly different brew, Oculto, debuted. Living up to its name on the packaging side, the intrigue and buzz are tied to the three formats of carton, bottle and the can. Cumulatively, this trio of packaging uses a combination of innovative substrates and three kinds of inks, thermochromic, black-light enabled and tactile. The bottle also features tactile embossing that’s a first for beer, according to the brewer.

The result is attention-drawing packaging that borrows elements from that of high-end liquor packaging. See and read about all three of the mystery-laden packaging components in this Slideshow.

Next up, by far the #1 highest-read article at in March, is an article that provides 10 times the value of a “normal” article posting.

1. 10 beverage packaging breakthroughs that get touchy-feely with consumers

The first three months of 2015 have seen a bevy of beverage packaging debuts. Our Top 10 starts with a material usually associated with protective packaging that moves into a surprising, even shocking new direction as a beer bottle. You’ll find eight more innovations highlighted before we conclude with a new kind of Quick-Response-code-driven gifting opportunity for another kind of bottled product that permits the user to add a very personal touch. You might just love it as much as our readers did.

We'll look to see you again in a month when we’ll highlight all the best and most popular in packaging for April. Until then, we hope that you continue to "vote" throughout the month in reading articles that you deem of interest.

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